Forex Strategy SMA108

Forex Strategy SMA108 — simple trend trading system forex trading signals based on 2 indicators forex: the intersection of the price moving average with extra levels that act as moving channels to lock in profits and breakout session extremes in certain conditions, the currency pair EURUSD

1) First set the schedule for EURUSD (H1) simple moving average — SMA (108) + add to her levels of 140, 240, 350, and the opposite: -140, -240, -350, applied to open.

2) Also on the schedule set indicator i-ParamonWorkTime — indicator to select the desired interval at which we will seek and find breakdowns MA extremes for pending orders. On our chart, these intervals are grayed out.

  • NOTE: When you build a box — from 18.00 to 9.00 on GMT (!!!)
  • For Alpari is: 21.00 — 12.00 on the terminal time MT4 (terminal time GMT +3)
  • For this Forex4you: 20.00 — 11.00 on the terminal time MT4 (terminal time GMT +2)
  • for other brokers forex try to trim the time yourself!

For ease of installation and adjustment indicators of their parameters — would recommend to install the template Metatrader 4 (you can download it at the end of forex strategy)

Now let us consider the conditions for a deal on forex strategy SMA108:

Deal to buy

1) We sell only if the Asian session, the price breaks movers SMA (108) and it is in the direction of the breakdown (!) — That is bottom-up

2) If the price is considered at sessions of punches moving upwards, even if the returns in the opposite direction of the breakdown (by moving), we expose three pending orders Buy Stop equal lot higher Hai Asian Pacific + session, if you want indented 5-10 points

Forex Strategy SMA108 - buy

3) Stop-loss is placed below the minimum price formed a gray zone (below the Asian Pacific + sessions) on the same day

4) Teyk-profit does not, but if the price is going in our direction, we will take profits at the levels of the moving average 140, 240, 350. And the first order close to level 140, the second at 240, third at 350

5) As soon as the first order is closed, the other two in the swap rate bezubytka! Just swap the position level bezubytka profit when the price reaches 70 points — look what happens before

6) If the price goes back to moving and transporting (whether in bezubytke is a warrant or a profit) — close the warrant at the current price! But if the net, then just close the stop-loss!

For transactions on sale — check the conditions!

Forex Strategy SMA108 - Sell

Additions to the forex strategy SMA108:

1) Do not place orders if the price after the breakdown of the MA is in the direction of the breakdown of 80-90 points (for brokers with a 4-mark)

2) no open orders during the day — before opening the next remove the gray bar on the next day — before 18:00 GMT

3) this forex strategy can be applied to other currency pairs, but the parameters of the MA and the levels necessary for him to pick up your own!

4) While all the deals are not closed — not open new, even if there are signs for entrance into the market, or at least not open transaction until a permutation of transactions in the level bezubytka

5) From myself would add that it is better to follow the rules mani management at the time of the transaction and to correlate the estimated profit (for the 1st order) to the stop-loss (if it is 2-3 times higher than the feet — to open the transaction, no — probably better to skip them), because the history of probizhavshis noticeable that sometimes a stop-loss is large enough, and profit at the same time, even several times smaller, and given that we are opening three of the deal, and I personally do not understand such an unreasonable risk. Or at least take the average value of profit in this for the 3 orders. But I repeat — to comply with this rule or not — your right!

Author forex strategy SMA108 argues that since the profit of the signals is more than 2000 points, and stop-loss was only 2 (!)

After a short quiz on the story (visually), I got the following results for the last 2011:

  • number of loss-making — closed with stop-loss trades — 3
  • breakeven — 2
  • profitable trades — 13
  • total income (including sub-zero transactions) — 4650 points, but I took into account when the transaction is the direction of the puncture MA, that is, if a puncture on the first gray bar came from the bottom up — considering only option transactions for the purchase, from top to bottom — only to sell andin this case did not take into account where you came from price above or below muviga

This forex strategy you can download:

Forex Indicator — i-ParamonWorkTime.mq4 (archive)
Template Metatrader 4: 4-digit brokers (such as Forex4you) — 108sma_forex4you.tpl, for the 5-digit brokers (like Alpari) — 108sma_alpari.tpl (templates, you must first unzip!)
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