Forex Strategy BullDozer

Forex Strategy BullDozer — another indicator profitable forex strategy for the currency pair EURUSD (H1), it used 3 indicators Forex: 2 Moving Average (Exponential Moving Average — fast and slow) as well as the Awesome Oscillator Indicator of Bill Williams.

To trade on the forex strategy, we need to establish a one-hour chart of the currency pair EURUSD following forex indicators:

1) Exponential Moving Average with a period of 70 (in Metatrader 4 is an indicator of Moving Average, MA method — exponential) — EMA (70), applied to a close. On the chart it will display the blue — it’s slow moving average.

2) Exponential Moving Average with a period of 21 (in Metatrader 4 is an indicator of Moving Average, MA method — exponential) — EMA (21), applied to a close. On the chart it will display in red — it’s fast moving average.

3) You impose indicator Awesome Oscillator (or AO) by Bill Williams.

For ease of installation of these indicators forex trading, I recommend to use the template Metatrader 4, which you can download at the end of this forex strategy.

The conclusion of a deal to buy the Strategy Forex BullDozer:

1. Hourly candle closed above the Slow MA, ie, EMA (70) — in this example, the blue!

2. Fast Moving Average — EMA (21) — red in this case, is below the slow MA — EMA (70).

3. Awesome oscillator indicator for at least the last 8 closed candles grows and its bars (histograms) are colored in green, can be more, but no less (!) (Taken only its direction, regardless of their position relative to zero).

Forex Strategy BullDozer

4. Stop loss orders are putting away 70 points of entry into the market.

5. If the light is Awesome oscillator for 6 candles falls (colored red), after signing a deal to buy, close the open trading position on a purchase.

Just close the position when a return signal — a signal to sell!

6. Take profit does not, and when a profit of about 70 points in the closing half-open trading positions, the remaining 50% of the transaction closing on item 5, ie if there are conditions for the closing, or reverse the trading signal.

If you wish, you can open 2 trading transactions equal lot and put profit first at 70 points, while the other still close to the signal indicator Awesome oscillator.

7. Be sure to use Money Management!

Open sell position strategy BullDozer — check the conditions!

Indicators Forex Strategy BullDozer

Forex indicators do not spread because they are present in any trading platform Metatrader 4

This template is suitable for all MT4 Brokers type: 5-digit — type ALPARI and 4-digit — type FOREX4YOU

By this strategy, forex trading you can buy

Expert Advisor BullDozer

Note: if you want to receive updates Adviser — LEAVE positive feedback in the store without specifying e-mail in the body of reviews! e-mail please indicate on the payment page — which indicates where the goods will be delivered!

If you strictly follow the rules of the forex strategy, over the period from January 2009 to date (December 2010) will have the following schedule of return on the currency pair EURUSD (H1):

Test Forex Strategy Bulldozer EURUSD (H1)

Download the report of the Adviser BullDozer

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