Forex Strategy NonHeiken

Forex Strategy NonHeiken — this forex trading strategy has been sent Arefiev Alexey (nick site — Alexi_Are), the strategy is based on the signals of the three indicators for MetaTrader 4: Heiken Ashi, nonlagdot and _rsi_cci_v3, trade is conducted on a time interval of H1, the currency pair EURUSD.

Further expounding forex strategy according to the description of the author — Aref’eva Alexis (nick site — Alexi_Are), so all questions will be addressed most quickly to him:

  • It will also trade on currency pairs EURJPY and GBPUSD (only with changes in the value of stop-loss).

There are two options strategies NonHeiken:

Suppose the first option is called Forex Strategy NonHeiken 1:

This 1-second version of the strategy is much more profitable second, but the transaction is performed quite frequently, respectively, and the losing trades appear as often, but the overall profitability of forex strategy anyway more than received damage. Therefore, this trading strategy is more suitable for writing advisor forex, but if it is good to monitor the schedule, you can try to trade manually.

For a deal to buy need to observe the three mandatory conditions:

1), average (yellow) indicator line ibs_rsi_cci_v3 crossed the zero level (after the closing hour candle)

2) Indicator Heiken Ashi candle is green

3) indicator nonlagdot painted in blue

4) If all conditions are met, at a distance of 20 items (+ value spread) from Haya closed hour candles, put aside Buy Stop order.

Forex Strategy NonHeiken

5) Stop-loss are putting away 20 points (for the currency pair EURUSD)

6) Remove all unopened pending order if, prior to its discovery in any subsequent candle light nonlagdot painted in black.

7) Take-profit do not intend, and if the order is opened, then close it only when closed down hour candle light nonlagdot painted in black!

8  when in open order will gain 25 points — move the stop-loss to breakeven.

For the deal to sell — check the conditions!

Forex Strategy NonHeiken (version 2)

This option forex strategy less profitable than the first, but it is more stable because of transactions per month order of magnitude smaller, and almost all of them profitable.

Description forex strategy NonHeiken 2:

All conditions of opening and closing are the same as in the first embodiment. But the three conditions of opening of the transaction is entered one fourth the additional condition:

4) The blue and red indicator line ibs_rsi_cci_v3 at this point (if the first three conditions are met) should be kept in a horizontal position — a perfectly flat condition! And the yellow line of the same indicator should be located between the two (red and blue) lines do not cross them!

Forex Strategy NonHeiken2


1) Do not forget about the manipulations and management that make money on forex trading can only be disciplined trader!

2) It was also noted that if a blue or red line indicator ibs_rsi_cci_v3 cross the zero level (top down or bottom-up), then there is the option of a strong price movement (see Figure 3):

Forex Strategy NonHeiken - Example

But separately, this condition is not yet testirval.

In addition to that were tested on a story for half a year (from 1 September 2010 to February 28, 2011). Of course, it’s pretty roughly, as manual testing can not be compared with the automatic, but still I tried to be objective.

In the end we got the following results:

1 option forex strategy NonHeiken:

September +238 p (June 10 losing trades profitable)

Oct. +293 p (8 lucrative four losing trades)

Nov. +545 p (7 lucrative four losing trades)

December +333 p (10 10 unprofitable trades profitable)

January +107 p (July 9 losing trades profitable)

February +107 p (5 5 losing trades profitable)

Option 2 forex strategy NonHeiken:

September +283 p (5 lucrative four losing trades)

Oct. +169 p (4 profitable and a losing trade)

Nov. +259 p (5 profitable and a losing trade)

Dec. 231 (4 profitable and 3 losing trades)

January +286 p (3 profitable and a losing trade)

February +84 p (4 profitable and a losing trade)

This forex strategy you can download:

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