Forex Strategy ZZ

Forex Strategy ZZ — very simple and at the same time sufficiently stable forex trading strategy, based on the breakdown of the indicator ZigZag, are trading on the currency pair EURUSD at 3 intervals: H1, M15, M5 can be simultaneously, but you can at each time interval separately, the author of forex strategy — the trader AZM (he is the author adviser ZZ — tests look at the end of forex strategy).

There is in this forex strategy is one very interesting feature: the take-profit is not very close and often winning percentage is melenky, but it becomes profitable at the expense of the large difference between stop-loss and profit (stop-loss at some time, and even in several tens of times smaller than the TP). In other words, the strategy of profitable forex ZZ basically only because of the use of well-chosen rules of money management (!!!)

  • First of all, set on EURUSD chart indicator ZigZag (15.0.3)

The strategy forex ZZ (consider the case of trade in 3 intervals at the same time, if you wish, you can sell on the 1st of the selected intervals, but the effectiveness of the strategy will be correspondingly less.)

1. Set the pending orders for the breakdown of a zig-zaga the following rules: once drawn, zig-zag line up — we put aside Sell Stop order to probe the resulting local minimum. Once drawn, zig-zag line down — set aside Buy Stop order to probe the resulting local maximum.

Forex Strategy ZZ

If the price has gone in the direction of the order placing and before reaching the point of entry and the activation of a pending order — has unfolded, drawn, zig-zag to the opposite side, remove the old pending order and install a new one — closer.

Options for placing pending orders as follows:

1) Interval orders for H1 Sell Stop: offset from minimum of 5-7 points, stop loss of 10-15 points, 150-180 profit items (for 4-digit Brokers, for a 5-digit — the value of items multiplied by 10)

2) The interval for H1 orders Buy Stop: from the maximum margin — 10-15 points, stop loss — 10-15 points, take-profit 250 — 400 points

3) Interval orders for M15 Sell Stop: from a low margin — 12-18 points, stop loss — 5.10 points profit target — 250 — 300 points

4) Interval M15 for orders Buy Stop: indentation of the maximum — 5.10 points, stop loss — 5.10 points profit 80 — 150 points

5) Interval orders for M5 Sell Stop: from a minimum of padding — padding 20-25 points, stop loss — 5.10 points profit 250 — 400 points

6) Interval M5 for orders Buy Stop: indentation of the maximum — 5.10 points, stop loss — 5-10 points, 200-250 profit items

2. All open position of trailing in a zig-zagu: if a transaction is open and forms a return at least sur-zaga — reposition the stop loss is at the same value as that of the zig-Zagha, without regard to the spread and no indentation (ie, an open warrant up, stop, pull on the local minima of the zigzag).

3. And another addition: forex strategy ZZ originally created without a take-profit, is this just for the profit of close only a fraction of the open warrants, the rest are closed by Stop Loss — with a minus or a profit (Teyk-profit in the forex strategy is not that mandatory, but desirable).

It is also the author of the strategy states that sometimes helps to manually change the amount of profit or simply to close a deal on some important level, and set the limit order, counting on a rebound and extension motion (for these purposes, he recommends to pay attention to analyst forecasts for forex and forex this site).

Author’s comment about repainting indicator ZigZag: «redraw the indicator saw a couple of times in the real world and followed the developments and said that if you want you can change the order in hand, but the result would always be the same as the value of the stop-loss is not enough great. «

  • This forex strategy you can download the template Metatrader 4 — ZZ.tpl (MT4 template, you must first unzip!)
  • Forex indicators do not spread because ZigZag indicator is on by default in any trading platform Metatrader 4.

Preliminary tests of forex strategy ZZ — EURUSD (H1, M15, M5) with the help of adviser ZZ (trade is conducted simultaneously in 3 intervals):

Test Forex Strategy ZZ

Download: detailed report of the expert advisor forex ZZ (since 2008!)

ZZ adviser can be installed on any time frame and it trades under three. The report made ​​by the Trade is all right intervals, working at several intervals, it overlaps subsidence occurring on one particular time interval.

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