Megaskalping on the principle Grebenshchikova

This strategy is a forex trading on the principle Grebenshchikova described in the book «Forex and we will.» But in scope it is much more similar to Megaskalping

Description trading strategy forex «Megaskalping on the principle Grebenshchikova»:

1. Currency pair — EURUSD.

2. Login to market perform with Bollinger Bands in the interval M30 (30-minute time range) or on the time frame of a larger period of H1 and above. If the indicator Forex Bollinger Bands shows parallel lines, then we set pending orders above and below the limits of the horizontal channel formed bands Bollinger at a distance of 20 points (in this case so do not forget to take into account the size of the spread).

3. At the same time analyzing more than senior interval — D1. If going to the interval D1, we will see that we are at the boundary of the channel (see pict. 1), then we put only one pending order, only on the channel Bollinger.

Megaskalping on the principle Grebenshchikova

Pict.1. Clearly visible channel on the daily timeframe.

4. Stop-loss set at a distance of 20 points for the opposite boundary of the horizontal channel formed Bollinger bands.

5. If one of the orders worked, then we will have 2 versions of events:

  • Our open position went to the minus (or plus, but less than 25 p) and the end result is still triggered a safety stop-loss. In this case, after the trend reversal, the second exhibited work we order — reverse, which is the same 2 of the event …
  • The order still went into a plus. At a distance of 25 pm postpone a safety stop-loss in the «zero». And then to use a trailing stop at a distance of 20 points on 4 hour timeframe.

6. The opening of additional produce items at a distance of 20 points on the extreme values at 4 hours, the price chart, and not until the moment when the joint safety net stop-loss of open trading positions and additional will be in the positive area. (see pict. 2). Perhaps just transposed a safety stop-loss in the «zero»  only to further an open trading positions at a time when the profit on it will be at least 25 points (for example, if you do not have the exact confidence to rebound from the frontier days of the price channel).

Skalping Forex

Pict. 2. Horizontal channel at 30-minute price chart.

7. Closure of open trading positions are only stop-loss. If the price is close to the border the day the price channel and you have no confidence that it will strike it, you can trail trading position at a distance of 50 points.

8. In the final penetration in the day channel, built by Bollinger, and the rebound for his boundaries — opening additional positions in the direction of the trend.

9. Risk management for this strategy, forex, or in other words — Manimenedzhment:
We recommend you to open an account at Forex for work on this strategy, «the principle Megaskalping Grebenshchikova «- no less than $ 1000 per open trading position on mini — forex,  for every 0,1 lot.

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