Forex Strategy «Window MA»


Forex Strategy «Window MA» — very, very simple forex strategy, based only on the 1 st moving average and on clear rules of opening and closing of transactions, the currency pair may be either (but at the moment the strategy is optimized only for EURUSD), the time- frame can also be any (up to M1), although I personally recommend a strategy for the range of M15.

The strategy was named «Window MA», because on the chart formed a kind of window between price and indicator (Moving Average) (a distance of several bars, which is above / below the display without touching it).

1) And so, above all, to establish a chart of EURUSD: exponential moving average with a period of 8 to closing prices — EMA (8), close

2) Select a date range in which you trade, such as M15

3) as soon as the bar or candle moving away from the EMA (8) and closes above it and follow a few candles just closed above this MA (they count ranges from 5 to 15, including a candle, who had been moving up and closed above it), we conclude a deal on the return rates and, in contact or breakdown of the EMA (8) PURCHASE!

For sale — check the conditions!

Forex Strategy "Window MA"

Explanation to the picture:

1. blue rectangles — an area in which we are counting on the intersection of EMA (8) before crossing back to the same Movings or come into contact with him

2. White rectangles — an area in which the trigger take-profit or stop-loss

4) Stop-loss is set at a distance of 40-70 points — to 4-digit DC, type Forex4you (for 5-digit DC, type Alpari need to increase 10 times the value of stop-loss — that is, 400-700 points)

5) Take-profit set at a distance of Stop-Loss minus 10 points! (Minus 100 points for the 5-digit DC)

6) As soon as the price does not reach take-profit 5 points (minus 50 points for the 5-digit DC) — carry over our open trading position in the break-even level.

7) Of course do not forget to observe proper Money Management! — This will allow you to hold out for long in the forex market and gradually build up your deposit without giving 1-2-m deals to merge your account with the forex market.

Template Metatrader 4 did not want to spread because of the ease of installation and configuration of Exponential Moving Average (8), but for beginners forex trading, all still do it (it must first be unzipped and installed in Metatrader 4):

Template Metatrader 4 — windows_ma.tpl

By this strategy, forex trading you can buy

Expert Advisor Windows_MA

Note: if you want to receive updates Adviser — LEAVE positive feedback in the store without specifying e-mail in the body of reviews! e-mail please indicate on the payment page — which indicates where the goods will be delivered!

Subject to strict adherence to the rules of this strategy Window MA «, we get approximately the following trading results for 2010 (results of expert testing forex Windows_MA):

1) Test forex strategy Window MA «- EURUSD (M15) with the Adviser Windows_MA

Test Expert advisor Forex "Window MA" - EURUSD (M15)

2) Test forex strategy Window MA «- EURUSD (M30) with the Adviser Windows_MA

Test Expert advisor Forex "Window MA" - EURUSD (M30)

3) Тest strategies forex Window MA «- EURUSD (H1) by Councillor Windows_MA

Test Expert advisor Forex "Window MA" - EURUSD (H1)

4) Test forex strategy Window MA «- EURUSD (H4) with the Adviser Windows_MA

Test Expert advisor Forex "Window MA" - EURUSD (H4)

Download: Report of the expert advisor Windows_MA for 2010 (2009 is also profitable, but not as stable as 2010, so the test is given just for this year).

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