Forex Strategy «Return»


Forex Strategy «Return»Very simple trading system, which allows to make the day an average of 10 to 30pips, with no Forex indicators not used in it, in this case will serve as an indicator of the price itself.

Although transactions are not so often, but mostly they are all profitable! See report of the Adviser to the «Return» working on this strategy forex «Return» — in the end of the strategy.

After analyzing the schedule of any of these 6-Forex currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD,USDCHF, even quite visible to the naked eye, an important feature — that in the time range from 23.00 to 3.00-4.00 pm Moscow time, market is located in the small Flat, and price fluctuations occur within 15-30-40pips. These fluctuations are sufficiently small, since Almost all exchanges of the world in this period are closed.

Forex trading is currency pairs, which are the equivalent of currency futures.
Trade is in currency futures is conducted today on the stock exchange (which in the described period of time covered):
- Pit (trading session open from 16:20 to 23:00 Moscow time);
— GLOBEX (trade is conducted from 2:00 to 1:00 am Moscow time).

Forex adapts to the market futures. Market, quotas which differ only by a certain delta, except the yen, Canadian dollar and the franc.

The strategy forex «Return» is that at 23:00 Moscow on the closing of the futures market is carried out at the Pit, and formed the closing price on the market (Sett) — it is a further reference point (in other words price target). For our strategy to further guidance will be the closing price of the price bar for 22 hours Moscow time = opening price of the price bar for 23 hours Moscow time — the next landmark (price target).

Let’s take an example, and greater visibility consider the currency pair EURUSD (for other currency pairs to select other options orders):

Forex Strategy "Return"
At 23:00 hours on the Moscow is placed on 4 pending limit orders Buy Limit and Sell Limit at 25-ty pips from the opening price of the price bar with a step of 5 pips. Total, we get 8 limit pending orders with our take-profit «price objective» (ie the cost of opening price bar at 23:00 on Moscow), and. deduct these warrants until 2:00 AM Moscow.

Harnesses Stop-loss need to install at a distance of 130 points (just in case!) from the extreme of pending orders. At 2:00 AM Moscow time, all orders are not opened to remove!

At 2:00 AM Moscow is opening the market GLOBEX, and the price for it, too, seek to price Sett (closing price «eat»).

When the price is already after 2:00 Moscow time has reached the price Sett and closed on Teke-profit — the signal is considered mature and trade today is over. The following signals formed already in the following night.

NOTE: very rare but do occur moments when the transaction on the forex strategy does not close when the take-profit, but that within a year it happens quite often, depending on the chosen currency pair and its features. In general, there is always the opportunity to close these transactions in the open during the working day in «zero».

ADDITIONALrule: Fridays — do not sell (due to the high probability of opening of the forex market on Monday with a gap).

By this strategy, you can buy Forex EA RETURN — price from $ 55

  • Report on Trade Advisor Forex Return:


Download: proceedings of the Adviser Return from January to November 2009 — Currency Pair EURUSD!!!

Download: proceedings of the Adviser Return from January to November 2009 — Currency pair USDCHF!!!

EA RETURN usdjpy

Download: Report on Adviser Return from January to November 2009 — currency pair USDJPY!!!

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  1. I am bare impressed with the article I have just read. I wish the author of can continue to provide so much practical information and unforgettable experience to readers. There is not much to say except the following universal truth: Without the heart, there is no answer. Within the heart, there is no question. I will be back.

  2. I would like to by EA for strategy return. Contact me ……..

  3. Ken:


    Can you send me more info on this EA and also for the big dog fibo. If you have other EA’s too, please let me know. Thanks.

  4. admin:

    Ken, Send you information about EA Metatrader 4 to your contact e-mail

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    I would be interested in your EA. Seems really great!

    Just contact me. Thanks

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    Jerome, I sent you a letter to the contact e-mail, regarding EA for Metatrader 4 — Return

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  9. Rob 4X:

    please send more info on this ea if poss to show trades taken as shown in backtest graph very interested. suprised not more people inquired to buy.

  10. Lex:

    hello, I would like to buy the strategy «return». please contact me.

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    I would be interested in your EA. Seems really great!

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    arfian, Lex, EA «RETURN» You can buy at this link —

  13. Globus000:

    Hey guys,
    The strategy looks pretty interesting. And actually the results are really impressive, almost ideal. But I’ve tried to backtest it myself on the same date period 1/2009 — 11/2009 and I didn’t get the same results Probably I’m missing something. Also from description some things are not really clear:
    1. Stop-loss levels — what values are used? Do you have same SL for all trades (i.e. all buy limits) or it is 130 pips SL from each order’s price?
    2. Do we need to adjust for switching to summer/winter time?
    3. What is the size of lots per each limit order?
    I’ll really appreciate your answers! Thank you!