Forex Strategy to «Complex Indicators»


Forex Strategy to «Complex Indicators» intended to trade all currency pairs, futures as well as commodity markets, the recommended time frame — H1-D1:

for trade, we need the following indicators forex:

1) Simple Moving Average SMA (50) — dark blue on the chart — indicates the direction of the main trend in the market.

2) Indicator RSI (7) — Blue, set the levels of 30 and 70

And then the need for RSI shows a «complex forex indicator» by imposing several indicators forex:

Indicator CCI (14), applied to the HLC / 3 — black, oily. Levels — 0,100,200, -100, -200. Freeze at least 350 and -350.

indicator CCI (6) - red color

Stochastic (5,3,3), the MA method — simple, prices High / Low, levels 20 and 80. The color green and the signal — red

  • I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4
  • For greater ease of installation indicators for Metatrader 4 — you can download the template for MT4 forex strategy at the end.

    And so, I shall warn that the trade should pay attention mainly to the black bold line (CCI (14)).

    1. Expect when the «black line» get out of level 200 or -200.

    2. Now we wait until the intersection with a level of 100 or -100.

    3. Conclude a deal to buy if the «black line» has risen from the bottom up, and close a sell transaction, if the «black line» dropped from the top down. It is very successful getting a bargain if the direction of the transaction coincides with the direction of MA SMA 50. And if, for example, the transaction is also confirmed by similar signals at a higher time interval — it’s all super!

    4. Stop-loss, as well as a pending order to overturn the deal must be installed at the nearest local maximum or minimum, they are often seen immediately.

    5. If the «black line» again gone beyond the level of 100 or -100, you can re-enter the market after the next intersection at this level.

    Forex Strategy to "Complex Indicators"

    Profit target is usually determined by the Fibonacci extension or at important levels. The same transaction can treyling or rearrange the stop-trade «for the highs or lows the previous day.

    If you get a trading signal to the output, for example, Nonfarm Payrolls — then traded on a given day or do not need or should rearrange the position of «zero» level.

    On the example you will see: the first deal — a stop-loss and then made the coup a bargain. The second — the entrance into the market and «trawl» for at least the trading day.

    Strategy Forex to "Complex Indicators"

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