Forex Strategy «Trading in the News»

Forex Strategy «Trading in the News» — a strategy for which I traded for some time early in his career and which gave a trader at one time very, very good dividends from, and although this strategy was not invented by me, but was tailored to the market in order time (this was 3-5 years […]

Forex Strategy on the indicator xpMA

Forex strategy for forex indicators xpMA fairly easy to use, but is very effective for a deal on the trading signals and based on the following indicators forex: indicator xpMA indicator BBands_Stop_v1 indicator of SMA (55) — white indicator DPO (14). I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 In Figure 1 you […]

Forex Strategy on a combination of indicators ADX and PSAR

FOREX trading strategy is a combination of indicators PSAR and ADX. It’s no secret that absolutely any forex trader would like to know where is the bottom or top of the trend on a chart … and although sometimes it seems a solution to this problem seems simple, in fact, this is not so simply. […]

Strategy Forex Trend Finder 4hr

  Strategy Forex Trend Finder 4hr — a strategy for the H4 charts, which was established to ensure that a trader could easily find the trades with a very high likelihood of profits, as well as quickly recorded the profits and of course, was protected from losing trades. For trade I recommend to choose Forex […]

Forex Strategy «Sidus method»

Basic rule of the Forex Strategy «Sidus method»: The best advantage of the trade Sidusa is the fact that trading on it, you will not need to add any additional filters. Loss on sale of this strategy are, but not so often! This makes forex trading strategy trading in the FOREX market is quite profitable, […]

Forex Strategy «3 touch»

Often the conclusion of transactions for the BUY of the uplink and deals for SELL in a downtrend, most FOREX traders do not coincide with the trend, which is present in the moment on the market. Note that we do not consider the situation where the trading process is in the process of emergence of the […]