Forex Strategy «Weighted Taylor»

Forex Strategy «Weighted Taylor» — «Weighed Taylor» is based on the use of weighted moving average (WMA) and was designed to trade only on the daily charts, and originally for the currency pair EURUSD. Therefore, you should use it to trade at time intervals of less than D1, but if you do not fit in […]

Forex Strategy «Inner day + Bollinger»

Forex Strategy «inside day Bollinger band» is designed for traders who trade only on the trend, so that they can earn large sums of money in just a few prisoners of profitable trades, but you still want to accurately identify trend reversals. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 But, in practice, […]

Forex Strategy OzFx

Forex Strategy OzFx in order to profit from 100 to 800 points working on the daily charts (D1), this interval was chosen because trade on dolgoroschnyh timeframes actually garazdo easier, because rules of technical analysis on them works better and more often, and besides, you will not have the desire to sit around the monitor […]