Forex Strategy «Bouncing Line»

Forex Strategy «Bouncing Line» — is a graphic-based trading system on the lines of support \ resistance and so-called «medians» — trend lines crossing the price charts, trading Any currency pair, preferably the average volatility (without the long tails of candles) used range: H1, H4, for more precise construction of trend lines, using the interval […]

Forex Strategy NonHeiken

Forex Strategy NonHeiken — this forex trading strategy has been sent Arefiev Alexey (nick site — Alexi_Are), the strategy is based on the signals of the three indicators for MetaTrader 4: Heiken Ashi, nonlagdot and _rsi_cci_v3, trade is conducted on a time interval of H1, the currency pair EURUSD. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex […]

Forex Strategy «Multicurrency»

Forex Strategy «Multicurrency» — indicator strategy forex (currency pair can be any), which was sent Kurakin Paul, trading in the strategy is on the intervals H4 — D1, using the following indicators forex signals: Moving Average, Heiken Ashi, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4. And so, on the […]

Forex Strategy «Memory prices»

Multi-Strategy Forex «Memory prices» is intended for trading at intervals from H1 (hours) to D1 (day), although if desired can be traded and smaller intervals from the M15, as the basis of this strategy is taken normally, the levels of support and resistance patterns of «dual bottom» and «double top» do not stop to influence […]

The strategy of moving the price of channels

The strategy of moving the price of channels: • currency trading EURUSD (or any other, but with other values of SL) • Period of schedule of 6 hours • indicators used — no • tradable lot — random, but always constant • possible series of losses — 3, size 57 points each • Recommended minimum […]