Strategy «MAlysh»: one simple indicator and an increase of 140% per annum

Forex strategy «MAlysh» is quite simple to use, does not contain complex entry rules and does not require a lot of time from the trader. The strategy, in fact, was supposed to be a trending one when it was created, but in practice it turned out that the market phase does not make much difference in order to obtain a result.


The author of the strategy insists that 3% risk should be invested in one trade. From this calculation, from May 2017 to May 2018, the strategy showed a result in the region of +140% (the risk is calculated from the initial deposit), which is quite good with such simple trading . Drawdown did not exceed 20%.

  • The senior interval is D1.
  • The junior interval is H1.
  • Currency pair — the EUR/USD pair is recommended, but the strategy can also be applied to other pairs with the dollar.
  • Simple moving average with a period of 3 — SMA (3), built at the lowest prices.

Conditions for purchases according to the rules of the «MAlysh» Forex Strategy:


1) On the daily interval, the next daily candle is closed with a white body and above the moving average.

2) On the hourly interval from 8:00 EET (Alpari terminal time), the first white candle that closes above the moving average is a buy signal.


3) Stop loss is 23 points.

4) After passing 20 points in the positive zone, the transaction is transferred to breakeven.

5) Take profit is 80 pips.

6) When the current daily candle is closed, the active trade is closed forcibly.

Conditions for the sale of TS «MAlysh»:


1) On the D1 interval, the candle is closed with a black body and is below the moving average.

2) On the H1 interval from 8:00 EET (MT4 Alpari terminal time), the very first black candle closed below the moving average is a signal to make a sell deal.


3) A safety stop loss order is set at a distance of 23 points from the entry point.

4) After passing +20 points, the transaction is transferred to the breakeven point.

5) Profit fixation order — Take profit is set at a distance of 80 points from the entry into the transaction.

6) When the current D1 candle closes, the active trade is closed forcibly at the current price.

Video version of the forex strategy «MAlysh»:

And Video-2:

  • Download MT4 template — Malysh_tpl (archived)
  • The indicator does not need to be installed, it will be attached automatically when the template is installed.
  • Strategy test for GBP/USD (D1+H1): +384.61% for 12 months ➜


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