Forex Strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy

Forex Strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy — another Proboynye forex strategy, sent it to me Machzelet user and it is intended for trading the currency pair EURUSD (M15), taken as a basis forex strategy 4-6 GMT Breakout Strategy

  • 1Select the currency pair EURUSD, time interval — 15 min (M15), just want to warn that the deals in this strategy are not often, on average, 07.04 per month.
  • In this embodiment, forex strategy, a box is drawn from 6 to 8 to GMT!
  • On the schedule for EURUSD (M15) to add an exponential moving average EMA (100) — to apply to close.

4) Just to add a schedule already known to us from the original strategy — an indicator jason-breakout-box_v3.ex4 — setting an indicator for the following DC Forex4you, Alpari (time, these DC: GMT +1 in winter, summer — GMT +2):

Indicator parameter jason-breakout-box_v3.ex4

Value for the DC with 4-digit quotes, such as Forex4you

Change the value for DC with a 5-digit quotes, such as Alpari




End time frame (hours)



End time frame (minutes)



Number of candles in a box (bars)



Number of bars after closing the boxes for removal orders




Take-profit 1




Take-profit 2




Take-profit 3


0 — reverse side of the box

The size of the stop-loss



Use TP 2 (yes)



Use TP 3 (yes)



Alpari — 70

Away from the Hai boxes to be placed buy stop



Alpari — 50

Away from the Low box — to be placed Selly stop



Add to spread Hai (none)



Add spread to Low (no)

Next — colors of the coloring box, profit, etc. — leave as is!

Regulation opening deals on forex strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy:

1) Trading in the same way is only in the direction of the moving average EMA (100) and only 1 time a day!

If EMA (100) is above the yellow field on the display jason-breakout-box_v3.ex4 — lies only deal to sell:

6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy

If EMA (100) is below the yellow field on the same indicator forex open only to a deal to buy:

Forex Strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy

2) If EMA (100) is or has somehow crossed the yellow box indicator jason-breakout-box — No deal was concluded in general in this day:

Strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy

3) If the value of the box more than 50 points (500 for 5-digit DC) — the day just do not sell! Because value of the stop-loss is very great, and statistics on such days is better to miss.

4) Set on the border of the yellow rectangle 3 pending orders equal lots, only in the direction of EMA (100).

5) For issuing orders using margin — seven points for the Buy Stop and five points for a Sell Stop — this is already taking into account the spread.

Respectively, for DC with a 5-digit quotes — breake will be 70 — to purchase, 50 — for sale

6) If the pending orders are not worked up to 16 hours GMT, delete them and wait for the next day!

7) Stop-loss is equal to the price of the opposite side of the yellow boxes for all three orders!

8) Take-profit 1 — 20 points, take-profit 2 — 40 points, take-profit 3 — 60 points.

9) After the price will be 15 points — move the stop-loss of open positions to breakeven (ie zero) and set a trailing stop (can be standard or universal Metatrader 4 trailing stop) at the same distance (15 items) for all 3 open positions!

ATTACHMENT to forex strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy:

1) If you prefer, you can not sell 3-orders, such as 1-2 — to choose you, but at the same time, and profitability of the strategy will garazdo below, although the probability of 3 stop-loss at this trading day, too …

2) when trading on the forex strategy, I recommend to stick to CORRECT MANI MANAGEMENT, with the lot size should expect in view of the stop-loss by 3 orders!

Warning: LED and templates needed to unzip the first!

Note: if you want to receive updates Adviser — LEAVE positive feedback in the store without specifying e-mail in the body of reviews! e-mail please indicate on the payment page — which indicates where the goods will be delivered!

  • Currency pair EURUSD (original settings — as described in the strategy) — 2010 (August 26):

Test Forex Strategy 6-8 GMT Breakout Strategy

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