Forex Strategy «Crushed trend»

Forex Strategy «Crushed trend» — to the simple strategy of ugliness, but nevertheless provides an opportunity to get a good forex trader profit when trading using only 2 indicator and trend line Demark.

Set the schedule for the chosen currency pair following indicators Forex (all of them are present in a standard set of MT4):

  • exponential moving average EMA (9) — the color red
  • exponential moving average EMA (30) — color blue
  • Indicator Momentum (14), as well as the need to establish a level of 100.
  • I recommend trading in H1.
Just before the conclusion of the transaction must have the line of Tom Demark — indicating the direction of the trend in the market (it should connect at least 3 or minimum oscillatory oscillatory maximum).

The conclusion of the transaction to purchase forex strategy «Crushed trend»:

1) market price pierces downward trend line T. Demark-up

2) Momentum is located above the 100 level

3) Exponential Moving Average EMA (9) passes upward exponential moving average EMA (30).

Forex Strategy «Crushed trend»

Remember — it is necessary to conclude the deal at the opening of the new spark plugs at this TF — in order to confirm the reality of a puncture trend line and the intersection of Moving.

Important addition — Intersection of 2 moving averages EMA can occur after a puncture Demark trend line.

The conclusion of the transaction on the sale — converse conditions.

Forex Trading Strategy «Crushed trend»

A top placing stop-loss above the local maximum (at Buy), or below the local minimum (for Sell).

Exit the transaction (Fixing of profits) — as soon as Momentum (14) crosses and closes above (for sale) or below (for buying) their level of 100.

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