Forex strategy «The Outsider Method»

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Strategy Forex «The Outsider Method»:

We put on the schedule of the trading terminal Metatrader 4 - EMA (9) (exponential moving average) with a period of 9 to 15-minute chart of the currency pair GBPUSD.

Then follow the candles on the chart, which should take the following form to make a deal:
• The body and the shadows of Japanese candle does not touch our EMA (9).
• Ideally, High or Low candles must be at least at a distance of about 1 point from the EMA (9).
Closing price candles must be higher than the previous High (bull trend) or below previous Low (bearish trend).

Rules of entry into the market under the strategy forex «The Outsider Method»:

In a bull market: conclude a deal to buy at the opening of the next candle.
In the bear market: make deals to sell at the opening of the next candle.

 Forex strategy "The Outsider Method"

Terms exit strategy forex market under the «The Outsider Method«:

1. When a transaction is open, immediately, without delay set SL and TP.
2. SL should be set to Low (bullish trend in the market) or High (bearish trend in the market) in the previous Japanese Candles (alternatively, if the Low or High are located very close to the point of entry into the market, you need to use Low and High pre-candles).
3. TP should be set at a distance equal to body size of the previous trading candles.
4. If the price went sharply and we have a profit of 20 or more pips — move the SL on the value = («0″ + spread).

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Comments (1) on "Forex strategy «The Outsider Method»"

  1. Serg:

    Thank you for a very interesting strategy on your site!

    This strategy is actually very, very simple but still powerful !
    But to be sure to recommend the same place on schedule EMA (50).

    If the price under the EMA 50 — accounted for only signals on SELL.
    If the price is above the EMA 50 — accounted for only signals for BUY.