Forex Strategy CCCF

Forex Strategy CCCF - a fairly simple breakout strategy forex trading for the currency pair EURUSD (trade is conducted at intervals from M5 to H4, but we will only look for M15), based on the breakdown of «box» that constructed an indicator Cons, a description of the principle of the specified indicator forex see below

I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4.

First of all, set the timetable for indicator forex Cons.mq4 with the default settings for the interval M15 currency pair EURUSD (for other intervals of the parameters may vary slightly).

Description of the principle of forex indicator Cons.

The indicator looks at the chart price consolidation consisting of a number of consecutive candles (boxlength), the opening price that is within plus or minus half of the parameter boxheight opening of the current candle at boxheight = 10 and 11 boxlength = indicator is looking for 11 candles, the opening price which differs from the opening price of the current no more than 5 points. This forms a small box in the settings and levelUp levelDn indent above and below the small box. From the opening price and the current candle to these levels is drawn a large box and horizontal levels in the parameter chart indicates the period of the schedule on which to search for suitable conditions.

Conditions for trade, according to the rules of forex strategy CCCF:

1) When the Cons draws the graph box and two horizontal level (the maxima of the box), vystalyaem pending orders at these levels.

On the upper level set a buy order — Buy Stop with Teyk-profit 110 pips and stop loss of 50 points (the parameters are given for the 4-digit brokers — such as Forex4you, for 5-digit brokers such as Alpari number of points need to increase 10 times!)

On the lower level of the box set aside an order to sell a Sell Stop Teyk-profit 280 points and stop loss of 50 points.

Forex Strategy CCCF

2) When you activate one of the orders, the other pending order removed only in case of closing the first to profit. In the event that the first order is not closed at take-profit, after opening the box opposite order (2nd), set in place of the first new pending order.

Parameters for repeat orders include the following:

Buy: Profit — 250 points and stop-loss — 50 items for sale: take profit — 80 points, stop loss — 15 points.

3) Additions to the forex strategy CCCF:

1. At the close of any of the orders on Teyk-profit, the opposite (pending order) is removed and testing of the levels of this box is terminated

2. In the formation of a new box on the chart with the levels of public order is closed at the current price and pending order removed and begins work on new levels in the interval

3. Also, do not enter the market in the breakdown of one level more than twice the box!

4. Update from me personally:

The author says that forex strategy use bezubytka makes little or no results in test forex strategy, since it is mainly designed for trend movements in EURUSD. But I personally think that it is better for a more secure trading on the forex trading strategies consider the option of permutations position to breakeven when the price reaches a profit of at least 50-100 points on the set of stop-loss. Or when the price gains of 50-100 points to rearrange the position of a trailing stop at 50-100 points.

Your right to follow this rule or not …

For this forex strategy you can download:

Warning: template MT4 and forex indicator, you must first unzip it and put in a trading platform!

This forex strategy you can buy

Expert Advisor CCCF

For updates on the adviser — LEAVE positive feedback in the store, WITHOUT e-mail in the body of reviews!

If you follow all the rules of forex strategy CCCF, then in 2010, when the test advisor forex CCCF to range M15, Lot 0.1, in accordance with the rules of the trading strategy, forex get the following report:

Test expert advisor CCCF (M15)

CCCF adviser trades the following intervals: M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 as on the same graph (all ranges at once — the report see below) or on each of the schedules separately (for more tests, see the link below):

CCCF test counselor at intervals all at once (M5, M15, M30, H1, H4), item 0.1:

Test expert advisor CCCF

Download a detailed report of the expert advisor forex CCCF

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