Forex Strategy «Big Dog + Fibo»

Forex Strategy «Big Dog + Fibo» — an updated version of a simple breakdown strategy forex Big Dog.

It just has no indicators and trade only need a few graphical representations and an instrument of «Fibonacci» (Fibo), which is now due to be installed orders and fixing them.

So, to be placed orders, you must perform the following construction:

1. Choose M15 chart currency pair EURUSD.
2. Similarly, draws a box:

  • 2 vertical lines on at 12:00 GMT and 14:00 in GMT.
  • 2 horizontal lines — on the highest price in this time interval and a horizontal line at the lowest price in receiving coverage time frame.

3. Change the max clip tool MetaTrader 4 — «Fibonacci Line» and in Properties Fibo set the following levels: 0.000, 1.000, 1.272, 1.500, 1.764 and 2.000

4. Now on our «box» Stretch 2 times Fibonacci — 1 st from maximum to minimum of the box and the 2-nd — from minimum to maximum.

In the end, having done all the constructions will turn around this picture:

Forex Strategy "Big Dog + Fibo"
Set the type of pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop (to 3 on each side formed boxes — in equal parts) on the levels of 1.272!

Take-profit respectively:

  • TP1 — on the level of 1.500
  • TP2 — the level of 1.764
  • TP1 — on the level of 2.000

Stop-loss places a level of 1.000!

The example in picture:

Forex trading Strategy "Big Dog + Fibo"
After the first order closed with profit — the rest reinstall in the «zero» level. After the closure of the second with a profit — swap the 3rd to the level of the opening of the 2 nd (ie 1.764).

When firing deals Buy- cancels Sell and vice versa: when you open warrants Sell — cancels Buy!

If no deal had not been opened prior to the construction of the next frame (before 12.00 GMT), then all the warrants are removed!

Report on Expert Advisor Forex Big Dog + Fibo:

Download: Proceedings adviser Big Dog + Fibo from January to December 2009 — for EURUSD

  • Currency pair EURUSD:

Expert Advisor - Big Dog + Fibo

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