Forex Strategy on the 4 Indicators


Forex Strategy on the 4 indicatorsMulticurrency and quite informative forex strategy that is based on the following indicators Forex Signals: Aroon Up & Down, T3_MACO, ADX and 3-MA: 5 EMA, 50 EMA and 20 WMA. For trade suit all time frames.

On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, you must install the following forex indicators:

1) Exponential Moving Average — EMA 5 — red.

2) moving average of Linear Weighted — WMA 20 — blue.

3) Indicator Aroon Up & Down. mq4 — you can download it at the end of this forex strategy. Just to set the levels of 40 and 80.

4) Indicator T3_MACO.mq4 — you can download it at the end of this forex strategy.

5) Indicator ADX (14)

6) Just for determining the direction of the main trend recommend ustanovit EMA (50) — green oily.

Opening of the transaction on forex strategy at 4-indicators.

The deal to buy is at the opening of the next bar, when the following conditions:

1. First of all you need to pay attention to the EMA (50) — if the selected time frame price is above it — can enter into transactions to purchase, below it — on sale!

2. Moving Average EMA (5) crossed the middle WMA (20) from the bottom up and the main signal for the transaction.

The following are filtering signals for the transaction (execute them as necessary):

3. Line indicator Aroon Up & Down also crossed in the opening direction of the transaction (Sinian line crossed the red bottom-up) — but the prerequisite is the intersection must occur within: 2 candles before — a candle after crossing the middle EMA (5) and WMA (20). In this case, the intersection should DESIRABLE occur in the range 40 — 80, but not necessarily.

4. Forex Indicator T3_MACO just has to cross its zero-level up to a maximum of: 2 candles before — a candle after crossing the moving average EMA (5) and WMA (20).

5. Likewise it is obligatory to the intersection of the indicator lines ADX: the blue line crosses the red + DI-DI from the bottom up (and very good if just and green). And again, should take into account limits: 2 candles before — a candle after crossing the middle.

Forex Strategy on the 4 Indicators

To open a transaction for sale — must apply the reverse conditions.

Stop-loss should be set for a local minimum or maximum (depending on the direction of trade). After achieving profits of 20-30 points — it should be rearranged to zero - it is quite possible to use a trailing stop (step choose depending on the volatility of the chosen currency pair).

Take-profit or not installed, and the output is on the order «stop-trade» (stop loss in the profit zone), or installed on your desire to perepesi important levels or measured from the Fibonacci extension (eg 161.8%). As well I will lift output after the return signals to the market.

Download forex indicator for MT4 — Aroon_Up_Down.mq4

Download forex indicator for MT4 — T3_MACO.mq4

Download a template for Metatrader 4 —

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