Forex strategy based on Bollinger Bands indicator signals — BoliBands&Envelop

Forex strategy BoliBands&Envelop was sent by user AZM.

This is an indicator strategy for EURUSD (H1) with a Free EA for it (tests and the EA itself can be found below).


And so, we set the H1 period indicators on the EURUSD chart:

  • Bollinger Bands with period — 6, shift — 0, deviation — 2, apply to WEIGHTED.
  • Envelopes: period — 8, shift — 0, MA method — Linear weighted, apply to — Median price, deviation — 0.1.
  • Parabolic Sar: step — 0.14, maximum — 0.2.

Conditions for concluding transactions in the BoliBands&Envelop strategy:

1) We are waiting for the Bollinger Bands lines to be inside the Envelopes lines,

2) When the Bollinger Bands goes beyond the Envelopes, we open an order, the direction of the order is prompted by the Parabolic Sar indicator: if the indicator points are below the price, then we open to buy.

If the points of the Parabolic Sar indicator are above the price, open a sell trade

3) To conclude buy deals, the order parameters are as follows:

take profit — 90 points (for 4-digit brokers, such as Forex4you, for Alpari — this is 900 points)

stop loss on the Envelopes red line, but no more than 20 points and no less than 10 points.

Стратегия форекс BoliBands&Envelop

4) For making sell deals, the order parameters are as follows:

profit — 200 points, stop on the blue Envelopes line, but not more than 40 and not less than 10 points.

Стратегия BoliBands&Envelop

5) Trading is conducted around the clock! To do this, it is better to use an adviser to the strategy.

Forex strategy test (using BoliBands&Envelop.ex4 advisor):

Тест Стратегии форекс BoliBands&Envelop

In the Expert Advisor, if the lot parameter is 0, then a dynamic lot is used (it changes automatically, depending on the size of the deposit).

Dynamic lot test:

Тест Стратегии BoliBands&Envelop

Video forex strategy BoliBands&Envelop:

I don’t attach the rest of the indicators, as they are by default in any MT4


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