Forex Strategy «Happy Couple»

Forex Strategy «Happy Couple» — an indicator forex strategy by Cher (or Dr.Cher), recall that was based on forex strategy Fisher, which has recently been very actively discussed in the comments, the strategy is based on 2 indicators forex: Fisher11 and the Parabolic SAR, trade is conducted on the currency pair EURUSD (H1).

First of all, set on the chart of the currency pair EURUSD (H1):

  • Indicator Fisher11.mq4 (download it you can at the end of forex strategy), period 55, PriceSmoothing 0.03, IndexSmoothing 0.00
  • Indicator Parabolic SAR (0.02,0.2) — is present in every terminal MT4 default

The main essence of forex strategy «Happy Couple»:

Fisher11 collect profits on the market depending on its position relative to the zero line, Parabolic SAR — as it tries to save! That is, when Fisher11 starts to fall down to its zero line — if you buy, Parabolic SAR jumps upward and close the deal until such time as Fisher reduces their earned income.

Trading on the forex strategy «happy couple» conducted around the clock! Says Cher — this is a very important moment in the trading strategy itself.

Conclude a deal to buy if:

1) LED Fisher11 (55) crosses his line from the bottom up, with us it does not matter where the point indicator Parabolic (0.02,0.2) — ie immediately at the closing hour candle conclude a deal to buy!

Forex Strategy "Happy Couple"

2) Next, look at the Parabolic. If he is at the opening of the transaction is above the price, if the deal goes in our direction, he will jump at the price. And after watching so when he goes back to higher prices. If he jumped up — deal closes!

3) Now watch Fisher11 if it still remains above zero, and the Parabolic SAP (PSAR) jumps down — again, opening the deal to buy.


4) As soon as Fisger11 crosses its zero line down — open the deal to sell (Buy deal at this point most quickly will already be closed Parabolic-nd if it does not happen, the self-closing a deal to buy).

Strategy for Forex "Happy Couple"

Further, all the same as for transactions for the purchase of:

5) Look for Parabolic. If he is at the opening of the transaction was less than the price, if the trade goes in our direction, he will jump higher prices. And after watching so when he goes back to lower prices. If he jumped down — closing the deal to sell!

6) Now watch Fisher11 if it still remains below zero — trade only sell if Parabolic SAP jumps up — again, opening the deal to sell.


If Fisher11 crosses its zero line up — go back to Step 1!

7) With regard to safety-orders: Stop-loss orders and pending order Take-profit (for profit), the author of the strategy — Cher, argues that they simply do not need. Profit target is not exposed, because Profit fix for Parabolic or reverse signal Fisher, a stop-loss of course you can put a maximum (fixed value or under any local minimum or above the local maxima) in the event of communication interruption, hang the terminal, a dramatic news of motion (although forex news stop-loss is also not guaranteed). But the deal on the stop-loss if you follow the rules clearly startegii not closed. Ie do not install it.

According to forex strategy «Happy Couple» written by the author of a strategy adviser for Metatrader 4 Forex — «Parochka»!

Unfortunately the report on its work, I can not put as indicator itself Fisher11 redrawn on the last bar and the number of bars history of the indicator is limited, so the test for a year or more is not actually possible (at least so it explains the author of the strategy — Cher).

Councilor until the sale is not received, but if you have the desire to buy it — write on my coordinates!

All statistics on trade advisor forex Parochka will then published on the website as usual — at the end of the strategy.

This forex strategy you can download:

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