Alternate AB=CD (ABCD) Harmonic Pattern [Forex & Crypto Trading Strategy]

Quite recently, on this site, we have already considered the AB=СD pattern. But we have considered the ideal model, when the sides of the model are equal, but this is not always the case, so today we will consider an alternative version of the same harmonic model.

Many times ABCD were not perfectly symmetrical or even close to that symmetry.


These are the Alternative AB=CD patterns. In them, the CD section can be shorter or longer than the AB section (which happens more often) — these are the so-called ABCD extensions.

Alternate AB=CD (also known as Alternate ABCD) is an extension pattern consisting of 3 levels of Fibonacci extension.

In the ABCD extension, the distance to point D is slightly longer than expected. This extension may be more in time or in price, but it is usually both.

Common possible ABCD expansion factors — 3 options:

  • CD = 127% x AB
  • CD = 162% x AB
  • CD = 262% x AB

Otherwise, pattern trading is the same as in the ideal model, and here is the link to it again ➜

Video example of the pattern Alternate AB=CD (ABCD):

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