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Forex Strategy EBB-1

Forex Strategy EBB-1 — Indicator strategy for the currency pair EURUSD (H1) with tests for the year, which won the competition for the author’s strategies for forex trading in May 2012 Recommended Brokers Forex with MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal To begin to set the timetable for EURUSD (H1) the following indicators forex: 1) Envelopes (period […]

Forex Strategy «Turn Curry»

Forex Strategy «Turn curry» is long and is designed for traders who want to trade in the direction of positive curry (or other Slovan earn raznetse interest rates or in other words to swap). To trade on the forex strategy suitable only Carry-currency pairs, ie currency pairs, which is a big difference in interest rates […]

Forex Strategy «Intraday setting 100%»

To trade forex strategy «Intraday setting 100%» to the daily chart of any currency pair to set up 2 simple indicator forex, which is standard present in any trading platform Metatrader 4 — simple moving average with period 20 (SMA 20), as well as 2 sets of Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands) with the parameter deviations […]

Forex Strategy «Trade breakthroughs on the news»

Forex Strategy «Trade breakthroughs on the news»: it is no secret that the impact of important news on the forex market is sometimes very large, on this basis, the majority of forex traders generally are always trying to be at the monitor screens to their door, hoping for at least some earnings. I recommend selecting […]

Forex Strategy «Break of Range»

The essence of forex strategy «Break of range» is reduced to finding a market that is in the flat, narrow ranges of price fluctuations and the disposition of pending orders on both sides (Buy Stop and Sell Stop). In this case, the market will determine when and what kind of a pending order to activate […]

Forex Strategy «Inner day + Bollinger»

Forex Strategy «inside day Bollinger band» is designed for traders who trade only on the trend, so that they can earn large sums of money in just a few prisoners of profitable trades, but you still want to accurately identify trend reversals. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 But, in practice, […]

Forex Strategy «Bollinger on steroids»

Algorithm strategy Forex «Bollinger on steroids»: D1 Candlestick Chart Bollinger Bands (20,1) — paint in blue (indicator Bollinger Bands) in the standard trading platform Metatrader 4 (located at — Insert / Indicators / Trends / Bollinger Bands). Bollinger Bands (20, 1.5) — paint white. Opening of the transaction on forex strategy «Bollinger on steroids»: Trade […]

Trading on Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands were invented by John Bollinger in the eighties has 20 centuries and were once the most commonly used tool when using technical analysis. At the heart of the Bollinger Bands — three lines — the upper, middle and bottom. And they are used to identify extreme price values trading tool. What does the […]

Forex Strategy «Complete attenuation»

Forex Strategy «complete attenuation» is a multi-currency and allows you to catch the peaks and troughs of the market, which in turn provide the potential to earn, the recommended time-frame — H1 Identify intraday reversals, we will with: 1) a combination of 3 sets of Bollinger Bands (20) with a deviation 1SD, 2SD, 3SD. 2) […]

Forex Strategy «FLAT Bollinger Band System»

Forex Strategy «FLAT Bollinger Band System» is designed to trade on the interval H1, the currency pair — any; On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, you must install the following indicators forex (all of them are by default in any trade terminal Metatrader 4): 1) The indicator Bollinger Band (perion — 24, the […]