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Forex Strategy AshFX Daily

Forex Strategy AshFX Daily — quite accurate, but at the same time very simple trading strategy to trade the daily range (D1) and in any currency pairs — to trade forex, the following indicators:- Forex Indicator PSAR (0,03; 0,2) — Parabolic Stop and Reverse — Oscillator AC (Accelerator Oscillator) — Oscillator AO (Awesome Oscillator) — […]

Forex strategy «Forex Smart»

Forex strategy «Forex Smart» — a sufficiently powerful forex trading system that is capable of bringing about a month 4000-5000 pips, as in spite of the simplicity of this strategy, forex trading, it really works well and it’s a fact! Trade on it being at 4-hour interval (since H4 interval less volatile than short-term charts, […]

Forex Strategy «Trend-Following»

In the forex strategy «trend-following«, the following forex indicators: I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 1) 3 Exponential Moving Average EMA 21, EMA 55, EMA 200 — for the closing prices (Close) — with their help, we identify a trend and its direction in the market; 2) Forex Indicator RSI (13) […]

Forex Strategy «White Ladder»

Forex Strategy «White Ladder» is used to trade in the direction of the main trend and mainly medium and is based on finding trading signals an overbought or oversold, with further shopping at the lows and selling at the highs of the market. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 Forex strategy […]

Indicator Forex Strategy

Indicator forex strategy is simple enough, but nevertheless requires a clear run all the rules on the conclusion and the transaction and uses all the standard indicators forex that are installed by default in any trading platform MetaTrader 4: 3 moving average EMA, and the ADX indicator Parabolic — PSAR. Trading on the indicator forex […]

Forex Strategy on the indicator xpMA

Forex strategy for forex indicators xpMA fairly easy to use, but is very effective for a deal on the trading signals and based on the following indicators forex: indicator xpMA indicator BBands_Stop_v1 indicator of SMA (55) — white indicator DPO (14). I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 In Figure 1 you […]

Forex Strategy «Daily Fozzy Method»

To trade forex strategy «Daily Fozzy Method» you should choose — day interval, to enable set the selected currency pair (which can be any) Forex Indicator RSI (period 8, close), and then set as an exponential moving average EMA with a period 8 on the forex indicator RSI. To do this in your browser to […]

Forex Strategy «50% of the previous candle»

Forex Strategy «50% of the previous candle» is very simple, but effective enough in the time interval of H1 for the currency pair GBPJPY (although it is possible to use it on other vysokovolatilnyh currency pairs). I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 To use the strategy we need the following forex […]

Forex Strategy «Method of 4-indicators»

Forex Strategy «Method of 4 indicators» consists of a yet another trading system using popular indicators forek that are available in any commercial terminate MT4: 2 medium EMA, ADX, as well as the MACD. And so, set the schedule for the chosen currency pair, which can be absolutely any forex indicators following: Exponential Moving Average […]

Forex Strategy «Indicator Salad»

Forex Strategy «Indicator salad», based on two moving averages of EMA, Stochastic and RSI represents a fairly efficient and very simple trading system on a combination of popular indicators forex. Analysis of the signals from each of these indicators gives a powerful hint to the opening and closing trading positions in good conditions under which […]