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Forex Strategy «Trafficking of mid-range»

The strategy forex «trading from mid-range» as follows: Conclude a deal to buy if the market rises above the middle (50% corrective movement on Fibonacci) from the last completed movements in the forex market. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 Conclude a deal to sell if the market falls below the […]

Pattern «Dragon»

Pattern Dragon davolno common in the forex market and other financial markets and allows traders familiar with graphical analysis successfully get by knowing all the details of construction and further development of graphical models, the desired profit. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 In technical analysis, forex recognition of different patterns […]

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy

Algorithm 4-x hourly MACD Forex Strategy: As the author of this forex strategy, its yield is an average of 300 pips in a month — a signal for entry into the market are the patterns of indicator forex MACD on the 4-x hourly price schedule for any selected currency pair trade. Target levels of income […]

Forex Strategy «Tactics Adverza»

This Forex Strategy «Tactics Adverza»- is probably the most controversial and hard to describe trading system on this site. Signals on the vehicle completely ambiguous and somewhat confusing, and so this «tactic Adverza» evokes heated debate among traders forex traders. But despite this, many traders still successfully apply it in practice, ensuring at the same […]

Parallel Channels on Forex

Algorithm forex strategy «parallel channels: Parallel channels — one of the most common chart patterns in forex charts. They give the traders an excellent opportunity for a living, regardless of whether the market is now trending or non-trending state, as well as in what time period you are trading. Horizontal channels are known as «trading […]

Wolfe Waves

Forex strategy for profitable trade, «Wulff Wave» / «Wolfe Waves» This is perhaps the most unique of its kind and effective trading strategy with which I have ever encountered! It was developed and offered for trade by Bill Wolfe. Which more than 10 years earning a living by trading tool S & P.His son Brian […]

Trendlines — Method Sperandeo

Subjective opinions, or «vydavanie desired movement for real» — the main problem of many traders in the Forex market / FOREX. The information presented in this paper trading strategy, «Sperandeo method» will allow more objective to build a trend line and use them to identify reversals in the forex market. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex […]

Forex Strategy «Memory prices»

Multi-Strategy Forex «Memory prices» is intended for trading at intervals from H1 (hours) to D1 (day), although if desired can be traded and smaller intervals from the M15, as the basis of this strategy is taken normally, the levels of support and resistance patterns of «dual bottom» and «double top» do not stop to influence […]

Strategy Forex Trendlines

Strategy Forex Trendlines — an elementary trading system, the profitability of which I was simply amazed (see report at the end of this strategy, forex trading, although not final), it uses only a retreat from the trend lines, built on the 2-3 time-frames, and the same rules of entry and exit from it and nothing […]

Pattern 1-2-3

1-2-3 pattern — fairly common reversal formation on the forex market, which is more likely to conclude a profitable transaction and, therefore, often used most part of forex traders to enter the market and out of it, is found in all timeframes and all currency pairs, including number and the futures market. This pattern, in […]