Metatrader 4 — creating complex indicator forex


Metatrader 4 — creating complex indicators forex — another very useful feature of trading platform Metatrader 4, which is sometimes used by Forex traders create their own forex trading system, by imposing a single MT4 indicator to another in the same window indicator

With the creation of complex forex indicators and selection of parameters, we can get enough of the successful and very comfortable forex trading system, which will give us signals for opening and closing of the transactions of trading positions.

Examples of ready-made strategies for forex trading, based on complex indicators Metatrader 4 See the following links:

Describe words with examples how to create a complex indicator of the trading platform Metatrader 4 (for those who for some reason can not see the above published video tutorial Forex Metatrader 4):

For example, I propose to create a complex indicator Metatrader 4 based on 2 simple indicators Forex: Moving Average and RSI (Moving Average of data RSI).

1. Select in the «Navigator» or in paragraph MT4 «Insert / Indicators / Oscillators» RSI indicator and set it in the usual way in the indicators window.

2. After this, go to the «Navigator» window and select it in the «Indicators» and look for the necessary forex indicator — «Moving Average«

3. Select it, to hold the left mouse button and just drag the window to set the indicator RSI (see example below).

Metatrader 4 - creating complex indicator forex

4. After that, the screen will pop up a window with the settings installed indicator forex, as the example below:

MT4 - creating complex indicators

5. And this window, select the option «Apply to» and in it we find and select the Previous Indicator’s Data!!!

6. Click OK

As a result, we find we have created «complex indicator Metatrader 4» — RSI oscillator is overlaid with the indicator Moving Average.

If you are successful will choose the options you want for yourself, you can get as a result, quite a good forex trading system that points you in the profitable forex signals for opening and closing.

complex indicators forex

That’s the whole process of creating complex indicator in forex trading platform Metatrader 4!

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