Forex Strategy on MACD, which brings profit


Forex Strategy on MACD, bringing profit — may not be the best trading system, but one of the simplest, it is used for time intervals of a currency pair EURUSD.

And so on for trade, we need to put the following chart forex indicators:

2. Exponential Moving Average EMA (62), close.

3. Forex Indicator MACD-combo (12,26,9).

All entries into the market are carried out only in the range from 06:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT.

Opening of a deal to buy:

Main Line Indicator MACD-combo should be above the signal line at least 2 hours. The level of the opening of the candles should be above the moving average EMA (62).

Forex Strategy on MACD, which brings profit

Opening of the deal to sell:

Main Line Indicator MACD-combo to be below the signal line at least 2 hours. The level of the opening of the candles must be below the moving average EMA (62).

Additional conditions to the «Strategy for forex MACD, income-generating:

  • Body of the candle should not have a tail in the opposite direction to the concluded transaction (see the example in Figure — highlighted blue area)!
  • If the graph formed Divergence — the transaction does not lie!

Safety stop-loss — 50 pips for all positions.

Upon reaching profits 25 — 30 points — I recommend to rearrange the stop loss to breakeven and beyond is quite possible to use a trailing stop at a distance of 25-30 points.

Closing of trade positions — after the back-crossing indicator MACD-combo or stop-loss.

Rules for trading on Friday:

1. On Friday, it should not open the position later than 15:00 GMT.

2. All open trading positions on Friday, at the time of 19:00 GMT is recommended to close so as not to fall into a possible gap at the opening of markets on Monday (especially if the market is very volatile).

Download Forex Indicator — MACD-combo

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