Forex Strategy — «1 Trade a Day»

Forex Strategy «1 trade a day»— another break-out strategy for forex transactions which are only 1 time per day — namely, at the closing and the breakdown of the Asian session, to the same trade is conducted only on currency pairs, associated with British Pound — GBP (gbpusd, gbpjpy, gbpaud, gbpcad, gbpchf, etc.), because following the Asian session opens session in London.

  • 1. For trade strategy «1 Trade a Day», we need to schedule for the chosen currency pair to establish the familiar indicator ant-GUBreakout_V.0.4.2.ex4 — it will be for us to indicate the beginning and end of the Asian session, the parameters of the indicator as follows:
    • GMTShift — time shift your DC from GMT (for example Forex4you, Alpari — «1»)
    • Start — the start time «box» (0:00)
    • End — End Time «box» (8:59)
    • Offset — the indentation from the box to be placed orders 5-10 points (take a maximum of 10 — to 4-digit DC, type Forex4you and 100 — to 5-digit broker, type Alpari)
  • 2. And as for trade, we need a tool Metatrader 4 — lines (levels) Fibonacci with the levels (0, 50% and 100%).

The strategy forex «1 trade a day» as follows:

1. We await, when closed box «Asian session» and to stretch her Fibonacci so that the level of 0 and 50% were on the extremes will get a box.

2. Fibonacci build in 2 opposite sides, look at the example below:

Forex Strategy - "1 Trade a Day"

3. Level of 100% will indicate to us in our profit target.

4. After closing the box, set on the 1 st order on each side of the box — to buy and I sat down, with orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop set at a distance of 5-10 points of maximum and minimum of the resulting box.

5. Stop-loss orders are putting on the opposite side of the box.

6. If an order is opened, the second immediately remove, because trade is only 1 time a day!

Addition to the strategy:

1. Warrant closing the only stop-loss or take-profit — no matter how many days will be an open position!

2. As long as the open order for this strategy is not closed, the following order was not placed!

3. Also there is the option of their choice:

a) if the order is not closed at the end of the trading day — at 00.00 GMT, then closes it at the current market price.

b) if the order is not closed at the end of the trading day — at 00.00 GMT, the translation of stop-loss level «zero» or a fractal, and look forward to the next position is closed by stop-loss or take-profit.


1. Can optionally convert the position to breakeven with a trailing stop when reaching + 30% — 50% in profit on the size of the box.

2. Well, well, you can make a loss — do not trade if the box size was more than 120 points, as for such boxes is likely closing of the stop-loss, to the same stop-loss is obtained by a sufficiently large!

Statistics for 2010:

Profit is the current 2010 only for the currency pair GBPUSD made (subject — «Orders close only on stop-loss or take-profit — no matter how many days will be an open position»):

  • January 2010: profit of more than 400 points!
  • February 2010 (as of February 21): Just over 400 pips + one open transaction on the purchase!

The following are indicators and patterns to this forex strategy (need to unzip them first)

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