1-2-3 Pattern TEST [Forex & Crypto Trading Strategy]

Dear traders, as you already know, on this site I periodically publish tests not only of advisors created on the basis of Forex & Crypto Trading Strategies, but also on patterns and other trading systems.

And today I want to publish a 1-2-3 pattern test:

1-2-3 Test

And so, the pattern 1-2-3, we have already considered on this site earlier.

Pattern test 1-2-3

There is nothing special to describe, you can see the trading results and the profitability chart for yourself.

I will just give some numbers and facts:

1) The pattern is multi-currency, so you can use it on any currency pair, including other financial markets

2) When trading on H1 and above, it takes no more than 15-30 minutes a day to search for a pattern and place orders! Therefore, it is very well suited to those traders who cannot spend much time near the monitor screen.

3) During the test, 6 deals were made and 1 order was deleted, while the test took more than a month.

4) 5 transactions turned out to be profitable, 1 was unprofitable! At the same time, a profit was received — + 6% to the deposit, which is also very good …

There are no MT4 templates, no advisers, so I don’t attach anything.

Thank you for your attention, use and profit!


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