+365,74% for 12 months: Forex strategy test «SEFC» for GBPUSD + EURUSD (H4)

Forex strategy test «SEFC» is based on the signals of 5 indicators: SEFC05, SEFC Bands1, SEFC11, SEFC04, SEFC09. You can find a detailed description of the conditions of this TS at the link above.


  • Testing was carried out as always on Forex Tester 4 ⇒
  • Currency pairs: GBPUSD + EURUSD,
  • Time interval — H4.

Profitability schedule for the SEFC strategy from September 1, 2019 to September 1, 2020 inclusive (12 months):

1 - sefc

The chart got ascending, although not uniform, but still, the profit far covers the losses, and this is the main thing.

Detailed test statistics:

2 - sefc

In it, we can see the parameters of the entire test for the Pound-Dollar currency pair, together with the Euro-Dollar, namely: the number of transactions made, the total profit, loss, as well as the number of losing and profitable transactions in a row and other useful information for any trading trader.

A detailed report on all transactions for the testing period for this trading strategy:

Total transactions for this 1 year on the H4 interval — 57. Profitable — total 26. Unprofitable — 27, the rest were closed at zero — at breakeven.

Video on the test of the SEFC trading strategy with comments:

If suddenly you have any questions at this moment about the results of the test or the trading conditions for the strategy, ask them in the comments below.

Conclusion: profit for 12 months of testing SEFC TS: +365.74% for GBPUSD + EURUSD (H4) pairs — the average option among all the tests conducted on this site, so of course I recommend this strategy as well to use.


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