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The simplest Strategy Forex — Moving Average

Even at the most basic indicator forex — Moving Average can build a profitable trading strategy FOREX or the so-called trading system. I recommend selecting a broker with terminal MT 4 For example, we construct two MA (Moving Average) with different periods of 21 and 70 (depending on the selected time interval, select the type of […]

Forex Strategy on moving averages «Break the trend»

This trading strategy is becoming every day more and more popular. The strategy is very simple in its application to the forex market and gives easy davolno quite good returns. It can be used completely on all currency pairs (main and cross-rates). The rules of this strategy Forex following: Set the chart Metatrader 4, the […]

Forex Strategy «Line Balance»

Forex Strategy «Line Balance» is designed to trade on H4 charts all currency pairs to trade, we need only one exponential moving average with period 25 — EMA (25), apply it to a close. I recommend selecting a broker with terminal MT 4 Trade is only pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop. To be […]

Forex Strategy «Sandwiches on three screens»

Forex Strategy «sandwich on three screens» represents a kind of «salad» of different strategies and one of them trading system 3 screens, trading strategy, we need to open a 3 screen: H4, H1 and M5, and receive a confirmation signal to the opening of the transaction at all in the same direction. Currency pair — […]

Forex Strategy «Sidus method»

Basic rule of the Forex Strategy «Sidus method»: The best advantage of the trade Sidusa is the fact that trading on it, you will not need to add any additional filters. Loss on sale of this strategy are, but not so often! This makes forex trading strategy trading in the FOREX market is quite profitable, […]

Forex Strategy for EMA (4 +13 +50) + Stochastic

Forex Strategy for EMA (4 +13 +50) + Stochastic — a simple trend and a very effective strategy for forex, the recommended interval — H1, ideal for trade currency pair GBPUSD (for intervals, and other currency pairs may be necessary to select other settings indicator forex ). On the schedule is necessary to place the […]

Forex Strategy «3-ducks»

Forex Strategy «3-ducks» very simple and easy to use, like the majority of trading systems it is more productive in situations when prices move in a certain direction — for the trend, rather than in narrow trade corridors. It allows you to quickly determine the ascending and descending oscillatory motion on Forex and make the […]