Forex Strategy «Defile SAR»

Forex Strategy «Defile SAR» — a fairly simple breakout strategy based on trending indicator forex Parabolic SAR + on the rules of entry and exit in the range H4 for the currency pair EURUSD, the author of it is just a site visitor Claus (remember that he had sent a number of strategies, forex, one […]

Forex Strategy «Happy Couple»

Forex Strategy «Happy Couple» — an indicator forex strategy by Cher (or Dr.Cher), recall that was based on forex strategy Fisher, which has recently been very actively discussed in the comments, the strategy is based on 2 indicators forex: Fisher11 and the Parabolic SAR, trade is conducted on the currency pair EURUSD (H1). I recommend […]

Forex Strategy Battle of the Bands

Forex Strategy Battle of the Bands — This trading system was originally designed for trading in the securities market, but because of its simplicity and universality — moved to the forex market, and the reasons she impulsivity price movement and a few simple indicators forex, which are present in any Terminal Metatrader 4. The recommended […]

Forex Strategy on MACD + MA and PSAR

Forex Strategy on MACD MA and PSAR is based on several indicators forex (at the end of this forex strategy you can download the template for MT4): On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, which can be any, should be placed: 1) Indicator Forex Parabolic — PSAR (with default settings) 2) Simple Moving Average […]

Forex Strategy «Forex Profit»

Strategy of Forex «Forex Profit» (Forex Profit System or forex strategy FPS) based on 2 kinds of forex technical indicators that indicate where to enter the trade deal and out of it — is an indicator of Parabolic SAR and exponential moving averages — Exponential Moving Average with periods: 10, 25 and 50. I recommend […]

Forex Strategy «Spike»

Forex Trading Strategy «spike» is very simple, it is based on three indicators, forex, which are integrated into any platform Metatrader 4: I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 1. Forex Indicator — Awesome Oscillator 2. Indicator Forex — Accelerator Oscillator 3. Forex Indicator — Parabolic SAR (PSAR) I use in my trading […]

Forex Strategy PRESS

Forex Strategy of PRESS is very simple and was sent to me by the visitor to my site with a nick PRESS (Vadim DOSTOVALOV Yekaterinburg, Russia), he recommends using this trading system on a currency pair GBP / USD, the time range: 5-minute (M5) For trade FOREX BROKER recommend choosing a Metatrader 4. And so, […]

Forex Strategy «Pivot + 3 EMA + PSAR»

Forex Strategy «Pivot + 3 EMA + PSAR» — trend trading strategy based on rebound from important weekly Pivot — levels, the currency pair can be any of (but is better suited GBPUSD), trade is conducted on a combination of 2 timeframes: hours — H1 and fifteen minutes — M15. I recommend to choose the trade: Forex […]

Strategy Forex Parabolic SAR + Stochastic

Strategy Forex Parabolic SAR + Stochastic demand from you a minimum of 2 very important qualities of a professional Forex traders: 1) ability to wait without closing the bargain before time 2) “concrete nerves” or in other words, resistance to price jumps in the market. To recommend to choose a broker trade center with Metatrader […]