+337,77% for the EUR/USD pair — Test of the forex strategy «The Dragon Fly»

Test forex strategy «The Dragon Fly», based on the signals of 4 indicators: Ribbon, MACD, Robby DSS Bressert Colored, RSIOMA v2. You can find a detailed description of the trading conditions at the link posted above ↑↑↑.


  • Trading is carried out on the pair: EUR/USD,
  • interval — H1.

Profitability chart for The Dragon Fly trading strategy from September 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022 inclusive (1 year):

Forex strategy test "The Dragon Fly"

The yield schedule for 12 months is ascending, but not very uniform, but the main thing is that it is progressively moving up, income is accumulating, with strict adherence to the rules of the CU.

Detailed statistics on the strategy «The Dragon Fly» are presented in the table below:

The Dragon

In just 1 year of testing the trading system, 81 transactions were opened. Of these, only 20 were closed with profit. 27 were unprofitable, the rest were closed at zero.

See below for a detailed report on all deals made by this strategy:

test 1 dragonfly

dragonfly test 2

Video on testing the trading strategy The Dragon Fly:

  • Recommended to watch with English subtitles!

Have questions about this trading system or the test itself? Ask them in the comments below (under this post) — we will try to answer them as soon as possible!

Conclusion: for 12 months of testing the TS «The Dragon Fly», they received +337,77% profit on the EUR/USD pair when using a dynamic lot in trading.

The result is not bad, so you can safely use the strategy in your portfolio (provided that it certainly suits you and you clearly follow its rules).


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