Test of a simple strategy Yesterday: +72.62% for NZDUSD (H1)

Today I present to your attention the results of testing the Forex strategy Yesterday. The basis is the signals of the RSI indicator (10) and additional rules for entering a trade (approaches to the highs and lows of yesterday). Currency pairs: NZDUSD, interval — H1. For a detailed description of this trading system, see the link above.

Profitability chart of the trading system Yesterday for the period from 02/08/2018 to 03/26/2019 inclusive:

Yesterday - schedule

The total duration is about 14 months, but given that transactions are quite rare and sometimes there are none even in a month, we can assume that the test was carried out after all for 1 year. The chart is ascending, but periods of stagnation (no deals) are also quite large.

Detailed statistics:

detailed report

See the table below for a detailed report on all transactions:
Total transactions — 54 (average 2-3 per month). There are 29 profitable ones.

Table 1

table 2


Result for the year: +72.62% — not much, but you can still consider the trading strategy as an additional one, since the result is stable and positive.


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