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Forex Scalping Strategy on PSAR and MACD

This Forex Scalping Strategy on PSAR and MACD looking quite unpretentious, but it is working and is successfully used by traders who prefer Scalping Forex strategies — it uses only 2 forex indicator — MACD-combo (12,26,9) and Parabolic (PSAR) — peremetry standard. Featured Forex Broker with Metatrader 4: Alpari, E-global, Instaforex or NordFX Open trading positions […]

Forex strategy Day-Hour

The strategy Forex Day-Hour, based on an assessment of 2-time-frames, trade is conducted only on a trend and is mainly used promptness of the day (D1) and 4-hour intervals (H4). Perhaps a combination of both time intervals, such as H4 — H1. But mostly it was designed for D1 — H4. Currency pair can be […]

Forex Strategy «Sidus method»

Basic rule of the Forex Strategy «Sidus method»: The best advantage of the trade Sidusa is the fact that trading on it, you will not need to add any additional filters. Loss on sale of this strategy are, but not so often! This makes forex trading strategy trading in the FOREX market is quite profitable, […]

Hedged strategy forex

  This hedging strategy forex, you can also call the strategy «safety net trade position«. This forex strategy requires mandatory implementation of the following conditions: — the size of commercial deposit should be 3 times more than would be required to stage a trading position, or, respectively, for the same amount of the deposit can […]

Forex Strategy «3 touch»

Often the conclusion of transactions for the BUY of the uplink and deals for SELL in a downtrend, most FOREX traders do not coincide with the trend, which is present in the moment on the market. Note that we do not consider the situation where the trading process is in the process of emergence of the […]

Forex strategy «The Outsider Method»

Strategy Forex «The Outsider Method»: We put on the schedule of the trading terminal Metatrader 4 — EMA (9) (exponential moving average) with a period of 9 to 15-minute chart of the currency pair GBPUSD. Featured Forex Broker with Metatrader 4: Alpari, E-global, Instaforex or NordFX Then follow the candles on the chart, which should take […]

Forex Strategy «Pivot Candle»

Forex Strategy «Pivot Candle» is based on candlestick patterns — «Hammer» and the levels of support and resistance prices (reference levels) — pivot; 1) Pattern «Hammer» And so an ideal pattern «hammer» can be identified by the following characteristics: 1. The tail of the candle (the lower or upper shadow), at least 2 times should […]

Forex strategies for HMA and SMI

Forex strategies for HMA and SMI — the recommended interval for trade — 4 hours (H4), works best in currency pairs with the yen; On the schedule set Forex indicators: HMA 25 and SMI (you can download at the end of the strategy). Featured Forex Broker with Metatrader 4: Alpari, E-global, Instaforex or NordFX Terms of […]

Forex Strategy «Fibo + Stochastic»

Forex Strategy «Fibo + Stochastic» is a very simple breakdown of trade strategy, based on the Fibonacci extension levels as well as on the stochastic, trading is conducted in the range of H1, the recommended currency: GBPUSD and GBPJPY (or other vysokovolatilnye). And so for trade, we need to set a timetable for the chosen […]

Simple indicators Forex strategy

Simple indicators forex strategy works well on the range of M15, the currency pair can be any; On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, you must install the indicators for forex trading terminal Metatrader 4: 1) Indicator — Heikin ashi 2) Exponential Moving Average — EMA (5), close — the color blue 2) Exponential […]