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Forex Strategy LRMA

Forex Strategy LRMA — a very simple indicator forex strategy, and is based on only one indicator forex signals for Metatrader 4: Indicator VininI_LRMA_color.ex4, the currency pair can be arbitrary, but the preference I would have given the following pairs: EURUSD (H1), GBPUSD (H1) , EURUSD (M30), because on them carried out a test and […]

Forex Strategy «Powerful Tool»

Forex Strategy «Powerful Tool» — Not too complicated, but interesting enough forex strategy, which allows to determine quite easily the direction of change the market trend with three lines of candles and with the help of 2 we are already well-known indicators Elder (Strategy Roentgen Elder): BearsPower and BullsPower, to determine more accurately time for the […]

Pattern 5-0

Pattern 5-0 — Another Harmonic model, which we will use the forex market (remember that we recently saw forex strategy «butterfly effect», based also on the harmonic model — Butterfly), this «5-0«, meets on all currency pairs and can be used for closing the transaction at any time interval. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex […]

Forex Strategy BullDozer

Forex Strategy BullDozer — another indicator profitable forex strategy for the currency pair EURUSD (H1), it used 3 indicators Forex: 2 Moving Average (Exponential Moving Average — fast and slow) as well as the Awesome Oscillator Indicator of Bill Williams. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4. To trade on the forex […]

Forex Strategy «Butterfly Effect»

Forex Strategy «Butterfly Effect» — is actually a Harmonic pricing model, which works quite well and the forex market (in any currency pairs and all time frames, although the higher it is, the better), the main difference between the harmonic price patterns from normal patterns (including patterns forex) — a clear model to specific mathematical […]

Forex Strategy «Roentgen Elder»

Another strategy forex Dr. Elder «Roentgen Elder» (remember that the earlier we saw 2 of his strategy: Forex Strategy on 3 screens and Forex Strategy» Momentum Elder»), the currency pair can be any recommended timeframe — H1, testing forex strategy was conducted on the EURUSD (H1), USDCAD (H1), GBPUSD (H1), so the reports on these […]

Forex Strategy 80-20

Forex Strategy 80-20 — another very simple and quite an interesting strategy forex Linda Raschke (previously we looked at 2 of its strategy: Turtle Soup, Turtle Soup plus One), in which trade is conducted only on the daily range (D1) and trading signals are only During the 1 st trading day. I recommend selecting a […]

Forex Strategy «Momentum Elder»

Forex Strategy «Momentum Elder» — another strategy Elder (previously we looked at forex strategy at 3 screens) based only on 2 indicators forex: Moving Average Moving Average and the indicator Momentum, as well as rules-login trading position and out of it. Strategy multicurrency (suitable for all currency pairs), although more or less stable results gave […]

Forex Strategy in order to unlock Оrders

Forex Strategy in order to unlock orders — this trading system is very simple and can be both the medium and long enough (we sell it will be for the purpose of paragraphs 200-300), the fastest, it is even just a method of money management than most forex strategy, but nevertheless the strategy trades a […]

Forex Strategy «Window MA»

Forex Strategy «Window MA» — very, very simple forex strategy, based only on the 1 st moving average and on clear rules of opening and closing of transactions, the currency pair may be either (but at the moment the strategy is optimized only for EURUSD), the time- frame can also be any (up to M1), […]