MetaTrader 4 / 5 Template — Quick Setup for this site’s Strategies

Dear traders, today we will look at what is MetaTrader 4 / 5 Template and how it can be useful for a forex trader: namely, how to install a template on a currency pair chart, how to create and save the MT4 template to open later on another computer or in another MT4 terminal.



A MetaTrader 4 / 5 template is nothing more than a file with the <any name>.tpl extension, which stores all the detailed information about the chart of any currency pair on which they were installed at the time the template was saved :

  • absolutely all forex indicators (in various combinations, let them be standard or complex indicators with all the necessary parameters or without them);
  • advisors / experts / forex scripts with the necessary settings (let me remind you that all such settings are stored in files with the <any name>.set extension);
  • the type of chart display is set: candlestick chart, bar chart, or lines;
  • and also saved in the template file: the color of the chart of the currency pair and candles or bars;
  • and of course, after installing the template, you will save absolutely all graphic constructions on the chart: channel and trend lines, horizontal price levels, Fibonacci levels and their extensions, tools: Andrews pitchfork, Fibonacci channels;
  • text labels and inscriptions on the chart.
For example, if you download the MT4 template for the “Trading on MA” strategy at the end of the description on this page ➜, then after installing it on the currency pair chart, you will see a similar picture:

Conditions for concluding a deal to buy:

That is, everything that was set on the chart before saving the MT4 template and in general its appearance will appear on the chart of any other MT4 terminal after installation or in the next window, for example, the same terminal!

But of course, if you have all the necessary indicators, advisers, scripts, etc. pre-installed in this Metatrader 4 terminal, if you did not place them in the terminal beforehand, then they simply will not appear on the chart…

Benefits of the Metatrader 4 / 5 Template

That is, using the MT4 / 5 template, it is very convenient to transfer information about the state of the chart on my screen to other users.

That’s why I offer almost any forex strategy of this site an mt4 template with already prescribed indicator parameters or templates for my graphical constructions of forex forecasts and analytical reviews.

But it should be remembered that despite all the advantages of this method of transmitting information, when transferring the template and opening the market on Monday, some trend lines and channels may «go astray», which is why I offer screen shots for the forecasts so that you can correct the lost lines yourself .

Now let’s look at an example:


And of course, you can create absolutely any template for the Metatrader 4 terminal yourself.

To do this, you install all the necessary Forex indicators on the chart of the currency pair you are trading on, select the necessary settings for them, set the type of chart, select its color, color of candles, and so on.

If necessary, install experts, scripts, advisers, make absolutely all graphical constructions (if the forex strategy is graphical) and right-click on the chart, in the window that appears, select “Template” ==> “Save template”:


After that, save the MT4 template on your computer anywhere you like, and of course name it so that you can easily find it after that.

That’s it, you created and saved the template yourself!

After that, you can install the same saved template on the chart of the selected currency pair:

To do this, right-click on the chart and select “Template” again, then “Load Template” or select the name from the list below if it is located in the templates folder of the same forex trading terminal:

load tp


For example, the path might be C:\Program Files\MetaTrader <forex broker name>\templates

A few template additions:

1) If you are on this site you cannot download the template, and it opens in your next window in a text file, then to download it to your computer, do the following:

Click on the template link with the RIGHT key and select “Save As…” and save it on your computer, or you can simply save the opened text file in .txt format and then change its extension to .tpl

In this case, the template will still open for you and MT4

2) All templates in a .zip or .arj archive must first be unzipped and only then installed in the terminal using the methods described above!

3) You have probably known for a long time that there are Forex Brokers with 5 and 4 digit quotes (number of decimal places).

4) ATTENTION, the MT4 template will only work on a PC trading terminal! You won’t be able to install them on mobile versions of the trading platform!

When saving templates for such brokers, some parameters of forex indicators need to be changed. If this is the case, then I basically attach 2 MT4 templates to such forex strategies.

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