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Forex Strategy «Butterfly Effect»

Forex Strategy «Butterfly Effect» — is actually a Harmonic pricing model, which works quite well and the forex market (in any currency pairs and all time frames, although the higher it is, the better), the main difference between the harmonic price patterns from normal patterns (including patterns forex) — a clear model to specific mathematical […]

Forex Strategy H4 Fibonacci Method

Forex Strategy H4 Fibonacci Method — multi-currency, trend forex strategy, trading in which is the time interval H4, Auxiliary lights — 2 moving average indicator RSI, the main tool — Fibonacci (Fibonacci). As some professional traders: «Fibonacci — the only» indicator «, which predicts the point of a trend reversal in the financial markets! That […]

Forex Strategy — «1 Trade a Day»

Forex Strategy «1 trade a day»- another break-out strategy for forex transactions which are only 1 time per day — namely, at the closing and the breakdown of the Asian session, to the same trade is conducted only on currency pairs, associated with British Pound — GBP (gbpusd, gbpjpy, gbpaud, gbpcad, gbpchf, etc.), because following […]

Forex Strategy 4H Fibo + MTF MA

Forex Strategy 4H Fibo + MA — worked well when trading for all currency pairs on a time-frame H4, there is only one indicator forex — MTF Moving Average (it allows you to visually see the current daily trend) and one of the most useful tools for the trader, I believe — Fibonacci. I recommend […]

Forex Strategy Day Open Fibo

Forex Strategy Day Open Fibo — very simple but very profitable trading strategy for the currency pair GBPUSD another highly volatile pair, it is based on using the opening prices of the trading day and on static Fibonacci numbers: 34, 89, 144, 233. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 Explain the […]

Forex Strategy «On a Break»

Strategy of forex trading at the break in prices through the available levels are considered more effective methods of control trades, providing the trader high profitability and very often they have an association with stop orders, which open at the moment a breakthrough price levels and thus providing a chance to take a trading position […]

Forex Strategy The Bat (Die Fledermaus)

Forex Strategy The Bat (Die Fledermaus) — represents a medium-term strategy Forex, which davolno easy to use, and the ratio of loss to a profit in it are very good; trading system uses basically Forex Indicator, which elaborated on the basis of the indicator ATR. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 […]

5 ways to trade the Fibonacci levels.

Fibonacci is a very popular technical tool in the Forex market. His popularity rose after traders held a series of experimentation with his mystery math and found quite a few advantages of this method. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 Five major ways of trading on Fibonacci levels. Fibonacci ratios are […]

Trading system on the Fibonacci levels

Fibonacci (Fibo — levels) are often ispolzuyutsya Most of traders in financial markets, including forex. At Fibonacci levels built a lot of forex strategy. One of the more popular forex trading strategies, the reasons for that price, correct relative to the previous trend, will be measured by the distance equal to the previous motion multiplied […]

Forex trading strategy PROFIT v.2

Trading strategy forex trading (trading system) PROFIT v.2 Recommended currency pair to trade on the trading system — GBP / USD (since it is volatility). Trade is 0.1 lot per every $ 400 deposit *. _________________________________________________ * — Open a forex trading account with only a recommended forex brokerage firms, as These companies really checked […]