Forex Strategy «Happy Couple»

Forex Strategy «Happy Couple» — an indicator forex strategy by Cher (or Dr.Cher), recall that was based on forex strategy Fisher, which has recently been very actively discussed in the comments, the strategy is based on 2 indicators forex: Fisher11 and the Parabolic SAR, trade is conducted on the currency pair EURUSD (H1). I recommend […]

Forex Strategy «Multicurrency»

Forex Strategy «Multicurrency» — indicator strategy forex (currency pair can be any), which was sent Kurakin Paul, trading in the strategy is on the intervals H4 — D1, using the following indicators forex signals: Moving Average, Heiken Ashi, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4. And so, on the […]

Forex Strategy «Trend-Following»

In the forex strategy «trend-following«, the following forex indicators: I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 1) 3 Exponential Moving Average EMA 21, EMA 55, EMA 200 — for the closing prices (Close) — with their help, we identify a trend and its direction in the market; 2) Forex Indicator RSI (13) […]

Forex Strategy 4H Box Breakout

Forex Strategy 4H Box Breakout (developed primarily for the currency pair GBPJPY and trade is conducted on the range H4) is very, very simple to use and capable of bringing traders earned an average of about 1000 points a month, although it is based only on plotting! I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal […]

Forex Strategy «Method of 4-indicators»

Forex Strategy «Method of 4 indicators» consists of a yet another trading system using popular indicators forek that are available in any commercial terminate MT4: 2 medium EMA, ADX, as well as the MACD. And so, set the schedule for the chosen currency pair, which can be absolutely any forex indicators following: Exponential Moving Average […]

Forex Strategy «Indicator Salad»

Forex Strategy «Indicator salad», based on two moving averages of EMA, Stochastic and RSI represents a fairly efficient and very simple trading system on a combination of popular indicators forex. Analysis of the signals from each of these indicators gives a powerful hint to the opening and closing trading positions in good conditions under which […]

Forex Strategy on Fractals and Camarilla

In the universal strategies forex Fractal and Camarilla trading is for any currency pair, time interval — the same can be any (but preferably not less than 15 minutes, because at smaller intervals in the forex signals are not stable enough, but if you want to trade at smaller intervals — looking for confirmation of […]

4-x-Hour MACD Forex Strategy

Algorithm 4-x hourly MACD Forex Strategy: As the author of this forex strategy, its yield is an average of 300 pips in a month — a signal for entry into the market are the patterns of indicator forex MACD on the 4-x hourly price schedule for any selected currency pair trade. Target levels of income […]

Forex Strategy «Spike»

Forex Trading Strategy «spike» is very simple, it is based on three indicators, forex, which are integrated into any platform Metatrader 4: I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 1. Forex Indicator — Awesome Oscillator 2. Indicator Forex — Accelerator Oscillator 3. Forex Indicator — Parabolic SAR (PSAR) I use in my trading […]

Strategy Forex Parabolic SAR + Stochastic

Strategy Forex Parabolic SAR + Stochastic demand from you a minimum of 2 very important qualities of a professional Forex traders: 1) ability to wait without closing the bargain before time 2) “concrete nerves” or in other words, resistance to price jumps in the market. To recommend to choose a broker trade center with Metatrader […]